Promote hockey umpiring.

Provide umpires for teams that are affiliated to Cambridgeshire Hockey.

Provide umpires for hockey events within Cambridgeshire.

Provide training courses for club umpires.

Provide coaching to umpires who wish to further their qualification.


Committee meetings


Mon Sep 28th 2015

Mon Dec 7th 2015

Mon Jan 25th 2016

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Cambridgeshire Hockey Umpiring Association


25 Feb 2016.  Rule changes. FIH have recently announced rule changes that are to come into effect from Fri 26 Feb. 

 See:   FIH Website

 See also :  EH Website        

 31 Aug 15. Pitch names.  Newport Grammer School as now been renamed as "Joyce Franklin Academy" 

Jul 2015. New Rules. England hockey have recently released guidance on the implementation of the rule changes at the start of the 2015/2016 season. Once you have visited the linked webpage click on "Rules change guidance 2015"


1 Jul 2015. East League umpires lists. Recent changes to East League rules have resulted in club umpire lists being wiped clean. It is now a club responsibility to input their list of club umpires and their EH registration numbers, prior to the start of each season. Details of umpires registered by each club can be found on this website. Umpires must be current members of a CHUA and listed by a league club  to enable them to umpire East League matches. Independant umpires must individually register their names on the East League umpires web page.

See :

1 Jul 2015. Membership fees To ensure that you are fully insured for the coming season renew your membership of CHUA forthwith.

21 Mar 2015. Congratulations. Rob Lewis has recently passed his level 3 assessment

3 Nov 2012. Umpire confirmation. It isapparent that some clubs are failing to confirm venues and timings by the Tue evening before a match. You should be aware that unless you confirm, you run the risk that the umpire will accept an appointment elsewhere. East League rule 5 explains these requirements fully.

16 Sep 2013. CHUA badged yellow sweaters and lime green shirts are now available. Place your order via the treasurer.
5 Jan 12. Comments and queries about the website should be addressed to the Appointments Secretary.




CHUA Officers


Richard Munns - Tel 01354 653714



Grant Douglas - Tel 01799 520085



David Roberts - Tel 01799 530260


Joan Munns - Tel 01354 653714

Appointments Secretary

Barry Harness - Tel 01480 407062(H) 07961 352214(M)


Level 1 Co-ordinator

Richard Munns - Tel 01354 653714





Cambridgeshire Hockey Umpiring Association