Promote hockey umpiring.

Provide umpires for teams that are affiliated to Cambridgeshire Hockey.

Provide umpires for hockey events within Cambridgeshire.

Provide coaching to umpires who wish to further their qualification. 


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Cambridgeshire Hockey Umpiring Association


30 Aug 18  Cambs University HC Pitches.   Cambs Uni HC now have 3 astro turf pitches at Wilberforce Rd. They have been designated as P1 - P3  

27 Jul 18  CHUA Privacy Policy.  Following recent changes to Data Protection Refgulations, CHUA have updated and published their policy. Details can be found  on the dedicated page. 

7 Dec 17    County Junior Hockey  Umpires are always required for Junior County League and Festival matches. These are good opportunities for novice umpires to receive coaching/assessment. Details of the events will be posted on the appointment pages. If you can help please contact the Appointments Sec.

7 Dec 17. CHUA badged yellow sweaters and lime green shirts are now available to assessed umpires. Place your order via the treasurer.

28 Aug 17  Transgender Hockey Players England Hockey have recently released guidance notes covering the treatment of transgender hockey players. Details can be found by searching the England Hockey Website with the following phrases:

   "Policy and Procedures for trans or transgender hockey players" 

   "Trans or transgender hockey players – guidance for local hockey hockey organisation"

13 Jul 17  Trevor Hopkinson  Sadly I have to report the passing of Trevor Hopkinson. Apart from being the driving force behind Ely HC for many years he was heavily involved with County Junior Hockey and spent a number of seasons as a Pool Umpire for Cambs HUA. He will be sorely missed 

   3 Mar 17  Match Day Misconduct Offence (MMO).  Umpires who decide that they are going to Issue an MMO must ensure that on the day,  they inform the player concerned, that he is going to be reported. If there is difficulty in carrying out this action, require the team captain of the player involved, to bring the player to you, so that he can be informed.  Should you still be unable to inform the player make sure that the team Captain and the Club concerned are informed and that they confirm that the player has been informed. Alternatively inform the player by text or email. Record details of your actions on the MMO. Failure to inform the player that he will be reported will result in no action being taken against the player (Current EH disciplinary procedures). If in doubt contact a member of the CHUA committee.

  26 Jan 17  Hockey Hub  England Hockey have introduced a new, on line, training website with specific pages for umpires.

Go to :     You will need to register and log in to access the site

 6 Dec 16.  Umpire radios.  CHUA have now reviewed the issue of umpire radios. Clubs that are interested in purchasing radios for use by their umpires can obtain details of the recommended equipment, from the CHUA Appointments Secretary

 6 Dec 16. Rule changesFIH have recently announced rule changes that are to come into effect from 1 Jan 2017. EH have decided that the new rules are to be implemented from 1 Aug 2017, in time for the 2017/18 season. New rule books will be issued to CHUA  registered umpires once the rule books have become available and umpires have renewed their annual membership to CHUA. 

25 Sep 16.  Red Card Regulations.   Following recent changes to red card regulations EH have produced guidance on the following web page:§ionTitle=Discipline

Once you have arrived at the page you will have a number of links, including the updated report form and FAQ's 

1 Jul 2015. East League umpires lists. Recent changes to East League rules have resulted in club umpire lists being wiped clean. It is now a club responsibility to input their list of club umpires and their EH registration numbers, prior to the start of each season. Details of umpires registered by each club can be found on this website. Umpires must be current members of a CHUA and listed by a league club  to enable them to umpire East League matches. Independant umpires must individually register their names on the East League umpires web page.

See :

3 Nov 2012. Umpire confirmation. It is apparent that some clubs are failing to confirm venues and timings by the Tue evening before a match. You should be aware that unless you confirm, you run the risk that the umpire will accept an appointment elsewhere. East League rule 5 explains these requirements fully.

5 Jan 12. Comments and queries about the website should be addressed to the Appointments Secretary.

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